The BETTER THEIR WORLD student project database is a a freely available listing of completed and potential
REAL-WORLD-STUDENT PROJECTS WITH MEASURABLE POSITIVE IMPACT intended to stimulate students and tachers avout what today’s students can accomplish in the real world.

you can copy modify, localize or re-do any of these projects (unless proprietary) TO CREATE YOUR OWN MEASURABLE POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD.

You can also submit projects yo have done of know about (or could potentially be done by students) for curation and inclusion. The criteria are

completely student done

having a positive measurable impact on the world and not just on the doers (this can be qualitiative, but not zero. It is what distinguished these projects from most of todays “Project=based Learning (PBL).

The primary goal here is not “learning but “accomplishing.” Learning, of course occurs—and is important–but it is a means to, a by-product of, accomplishment, and not the end in itself.